Sue's Horse Blanket Repair, LLC

Large Tears - $30 and up
Replace Belly Webbing - $20 each
Replace Surcingle - $15 (3 pieces)
Replace Front Closure Hardware - $15 (2 pieces)
Replace Front Closure Velcro(c)  - $15 (4 inch strip)
Replace Leg Straps - $25 (set of two)
Patch Small Holes (one side) - $10 and up
Hourly rate: $20 plus parts
I can only repair clean blankets and sheets.  Please launder your items
before sending them.  We recommend not using regular detergent as this will
remove the water-resistant qualities of your blankets or sheets.
Sue's Horse Blanket Repair, LLC             Since 2000        Available Nationwide
All repairs are accomplished on an Industrial sewing machine. Repairs and
patches will be of equal or stronger strength than the original. We no longer wash
and water proof blankets or sheets. Make sure you specify what you want done
with your items. Unless you ask for it, we don’t do it. That ensure you only pay for
what you want.