Can you estimate what my repair will cost?
Without actually seeing the damaged blanket it is very
hard to give an accurate estimate.   We realize that
shipping your blanket(s) to us the first time requires a
little trust but we have many repeat customers.
I'm not sure if my blanket is worth repairing.
We don't want you to spend more on repairs than a
new blanket will cost.  So please check out the
replacement value of your blanket prior to sending it
to us.  Generally, with blankets you get what you pay
for.  A higher cost blanket will last longer and is more
likely a candidate for repair.
Do you serve customers outside your local area?
Yes, we do! We've received blankets from all over the
United States.
Paul Oliver

Assistant and heavy
Sue Oliver, Owner

Over 40 years of sewing
and repair experience.
Who We Are
Sue's Horse Blanket Repair, LLC
Frequently Asked Questions
What shipper should I use?
That's up to you.  USPS, UPS and FedEx all deliver
regularly to us.  Please include your contact
information and what services you desire.
Do you sell individual pieces of hardware?
We only sell hardware as a part of repairing a
customer's item.
Do you repair leather items?
Generally not.  My industrial sewing machine is
specifically designed to sew heavy material type items
such as canvas. Leather repair requires a different
machine.  I can repair very light leather such as rub or
wear material on blankets.   A saddle repair shop has
heavier sewing machines that can work on leather.
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